Kazakh Delegation visits Hyderabad

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Kazakh Professors Visits Hyderabad

India and Kazakhstan came forward to provide mutual cooperation in education and medicine.A team of professors Professor Alfonov and Professor Assan from the Association of Universities of Republic of Kazakhstan,and Director of the International Education Partnership has visited Hyderabad on Monday to further strengthen relations between the two countries.

Association of universities of Kazakhstan Indian Spokesperson Dr.B. Divya Sunitha Raj and NEO Group CEO B.V.K Raj has guided along the way.This team had met vice chancellors of JNTU Hyderabad and Osmania Universities as well as GHMC Mayor Bonthu Rammohan and Health Minister Lakshma Reddy.

While on meeting with Health Minister they had revealed Almost 600 students among 3000 Indian students who are studying MBBS in Kazakhstan were from Telangana.

One of the delegation Professor Alhnovo said that, "The leading universities in Kazakhstan would like to work with Osmania in arts, science, technology, and management courses".This delegation has invited Osmania faculty to visit Baikonur Cosmodrome A biggest Space Research center.

In a discussion with JNTU Hyderabad VC A.Venugopal Reddy,The delegation has came forward to work in collaboration with university.Both has principally agreed to exchange the Technology and Faculty in scientific research and Technology.

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Kazakh Professors Visits Hyderabad

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